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Have you dreamt of joining a student-run journalistic platform? Are you passionate about generating content for a diverse range of student voices? The Bennington Free Press is the platform for you to realize your vision, adopt new skills, and work collaboratively with other talented individuals. We are media-savvy, process-driven, and always eager to learn. Come work with us and experience a creative way of doing journalism! 

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Open Positions for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Co-Editors in Chief: We are seeking two people for the position of editor. You will head up the paper together. This role requires extensive writing and editing skills, as well as leadership, delegation, and collaborative abilities. Those who apply should have extensive experience with writing and journalistic platforms, as well as a vision for the publication.

Visual Editor: You will work as the artistic head of the BFP. Responsibilities include finding and producing media to accompany stories, creating posters and ad campaigns, and generally managing the publication's aesthetic.

Copy Editor: You will be responsible for helping writers revise & edit their stories, and have eyes on every story before it goes up on the site or goes to print.

Staff Photographer: You will take photographs of what's going on around campus (ideally 2-3 events per week), in order to provide visual content to accompany stories, and also to produce standalone photojournalism pieces.

Web Designer: You will be in charge of managing the BFP website and work directly with the Social Media & Press Manager.

Social Media & Press Manager: You will be in charge of the BFP's social media, events, and publicity. Essentially, your big job is getting the word out and generating interest, both in readership and in writing/creating content for the BFP. You will work directly with the Web Designer.

Visual Contributor: Visual contributors will find and create original content to accompany BFP stories. Artistic skills but also knowledge of Adobe Photoshop are both desirable. Photographers, illustrators, digital designers, painters, and printmakers should all apply.

Staff Writer: You will be pitching ideas and writing for the BFP’s bi-weekly publication. Topics vary from on-campus news, science, and politics, to gender & race, and arts & culture. Even though previous writing/journalism experience is not required, we encourage all writers and contributors to work constructively in editing and improving their articles with the team. Commitment will be discussed personally with each candidate.