Diary of an International Student

By Soumya Rachel Shailendra '21

Understanding the enormity of the littleness that marks North America through an Indian student’s lens

It has exactly been 30 days, 4 weeks and 720 hours since I boarded a flight on the Indian soil to call this country my home. My journey is not an unfamiliar one to most Indians.  It is often undertaken by aspiring engineers, new brides and trapped artists. To my extended family, I was going to ‘the land of the free,’ a country which minted dreams in the spaghetti-like structures that touched the sky.

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Sex and the State

By Jorja Rose '18

Nothing makes me nostalgic for the softer neoliberalism of the late 90’s/early 00’s like Sex and the State, the iconic six-season saga that follows four Marxist babes as they seek love in a violently capitalist world.  The show taught me everything I know about female friendship, good peen, and seizing the means of production...

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Support Mexico to recover after the recent earthquakes

By Doménica (Michelle) Montaño ‘20

On Friday, September 16th, 2017, Mexico celebrated a hundred and ninety-six years of independence from the Spanish rule. The country was full of joy and Mexicans around the world gathered to cheer for their freedom. Three days later, Tuesday September 19th, the joy turned into horror when a 7.1 earthquake hit the central zone of Mexico, leaving a toll of “more than 310 deadly victims and dozens of collapsed buildings” (CNN).

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A Small Bug and Blue Bed Covers

By Jailynne Estevez '21

With the start of a new term and school year, Bennington College welcomes its largest and most diverse class yet onto campus. This Fall term the College is welcoming 220 new students from 31 states and 26 different countries. Of those students 26% have international or dual citizenship, 21% are domestic students of color, and 20% are the first student in their family to attend college. These statistics bring us to consider and reflect on ourselves.

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The start-up of the self: Bennington's new discourses and the gig-economy model of education

By Lizzy Weal

The first time I saw the Bennington website following its overhaul this past summer, I was convinced that I had somehow managed to accidentally type in the address of the website of a Palo Alto-based startup drone company whose graphic design team had recently found themselves in possession of a GoPro and gone completely rogue...

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We Can’t Just Be Scientists: a recollection on a Talk given by James Hansen at Williams College on March 8th

By Cole Hersey

There are a lot of things that are running through my mind as I write this. I want to be able to put James Hansen in a good light, but recognize that he is three dimensional, and so has shadows. I would like to mention these shadows in a way that recognize the incredible work that he has done, from discovering that the chemical makeup of the atmosphere in Venus is the cause of its high heat on its surface, relating these findings back onto earth and increasing CO2 levels, his outspokenness about climate change and its effects on our planet and humanity, his lobbying of the U.S. Congress to put down measures to lower our carbon footprint, and his unrelenting critique of the fossil fuel industry...

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Guilty as Charged!: I Think Tomi Lahren is Kinda Pretty and Also Her Ideas Aren’t That Bad

By Wesley Haaf

Dear Tomi, I feel… I feel, that something is wrong. This is a strange year; it’s a difficult time; 2016 was absolutely dreadful; and it seems you’re a bit stuck in a bit of a no-man’s land—the left is keeping you at the same arm’s distance we’ve kept you at since you started talking, so loudly on your show, with that voice, that sound, sounds shaping into these replay-able samples, literally a meme, like a cartoon character, Angelica, from Rugrats, tone so fiery and red-hot, mean-spirited; meanwhile the righters are shoving you away; they cancelled your show and banned you from the network. Because they wanted you on a leash but you spoke your mind...

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The World is Before You and You Need Not Take it or Leave it as it Was When You Came In

By Kam Carter

The first time I encountered James Baldwin was most likely in a list. The list came from the mouth of my mother, who would talk to me about Black thinkers as a preteen. His name was probably preceded or followed by those of Malcolm X or Gwendolyn Brooks or Angela Davis. When my mother realized that I was prone to writing, she exposed me to these minds. These were people one should know; this was my brain trust...



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Point Reyes: To See a Piece of Land

I have been hiking Point Reyes since before I was conscious. My family goes on walks there. My friends live and work in Point Reyes Station where I visit them. It is the place where I first swam in open ocean, where I first went backpacking, where I first began to wonder how landscapes were made, where I first saw kinglets and yellow warblers, where I first began to bird. Point Reyes is the birthplace of my affinity for things that are not human...

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