Dormitourism: An Escape to Ossefort's Sanctuary


by Sam Leigh '14

Open the door to Welling 4 and you enter into a simultaneously elegant and absurd space. You are immediately welcomed by "Lil' Tidbits", a folksy kind of doll who is very likely the abandoned child of a lonely craftswoman. Further in is a rubber pig mask staked on the bedpost. After getting acquainted with the guards, you may notice how the room is well kept, in the sense that the floor is swept, bed is made and clothes folded, but somehow it remains very human; exemplified by a plastic gallon of water centered on the floor Sharpied "HUMAN". Zach may offer you some of this water and you'll probably be thirsty. So, while you're sitting there guzzling H2O, check out the TV that has every channel of static you could ever want.

At this point, you may have the urge to use a magnifying glass to experience the room in more detail-- and Ossefort strongly encourages this urge, as you'll find on his desk two viewing options: a standard magnifying glass and the thumb-sized illuminated loupe. Try using these tools to look at the texture of his antique ornamental utensils, a pair of fossil-like teeth or his original drawings of intricate abstract patterns, ambiguously reminiscent of tree branches, river systems, neurological pathways…something evoking the sense of organic growth and raw human impulse. After finding these drawings, hoping that you do, you may realize that Zach's approach to arranging his room seems similar to the drawings: earnest and intuitive.
Malia Guyer-StevensComment