A Wet Barbie Answers Your Sexy Questions

One of your fellow students has asked: “Give me some sexy info.” Here it goes.

The higher a woman’s desire for sex, the higher her standards for potential partners. 

— Journal of Research in Personality

Contrary to popular belief, there is no difference between a “clitoral” and “vaginal” orgasm. 

— William Masters and Virginia Johnson

In the U.S., a new porn video is made every 39 minutes.

— Huffington Post

Regularly doing yoga poses like child’s pose and pigeon pose can give you higher levels of arousal and desire, as well as better and more frequent orgasms.

— The Journal of Sexual Medicine

By age 50, at least 4 out of 5 women will be infected with HPV at one point in their lives. In 90% of these cases, the immune system fights off the disease in 2 years.


As you can see from this “sexy info” above, the breadth of information out there concerning sexuality can range from amusing to arousing to empowering to worrisome to horror-inducing.  If you are like me, a Barbie in a bathtub, then you have definitely committed the Google crime of typing in whatever sexual problem or deficiency you have diagnosed for yourself and then scanning Yahoo forums for hours at a time only to find that you now know less than you did before you decided to search “small red bump near clitoris” or “how to orgasm without vibrator” or “does pre-cum have sperm in it”. It can be difficult to sift through all the information that is available surrounding 

sex, and consequently, it becomes difficult to define what sex is and how we want it to fit into our lives. Sex is a complex, beautiful thing.  It has the power to release the animal inside each of us, and it can show us, even just for a moment, what we truly want. It glorifies the body and forces us to not think and just do. Of course, many of us have experienced the other side of this phenomenon: bad sex. We share an intimate experience with someone and afterwards we feel anxiety, insecurity, even loss. So the question I pose is this: How do we have good sex at Bennington College?

This phrase “good sex” means something 

different to each of us. For some, it is purely physical, focused on deriving the most pleasure from a single experience. Others want to share their soul with their partner, forming a spiritual connection. So whether you’re looking for a life partner, a good time, or something in between, I want to help open the lines of communication so that we can be vocal with our friends, partners, doctors, therapists about what we want and how to get it. I am here to help you enjoy sex and relationships so that they can fulfill their original purpose: to make you feel GOOD.

So please submit any burning or not burning question that troubles or intrigues you about sex and relationships. Love, etiquette, toys, fetishes, STDs, grooming, jealousy, long distance, age difference, Skype sex, random hookups, marriage, orgasms, breakups, contraception, kissing, and anything I failed to mention: all fair game. My envelope is in the mailroom above the recycling bin. Together, we’re going to have the best sex of our lives.

Love, Bubbles


Malia Guyer-StevensComment