Nick's Rowdy Sports Report

 by Nick DiLeonardi ‘14


 Wow. What a match. Two teams, giants of the game, going at it for all the glory. All the marbles for the whole glory. The Bennington team definitely beat the other team handily in the soccer match today, changing the word “sports” forever. 

Said Michael Jordan, “If Bennington’s team for sports was any better, I might have retire as the greatest sportstar of all time and give it to them. They have changed the way I play”. I think that sentiment runs deep throughout the campus.

Said three time Freshman-at-large Janus NotAsplund-Erik, “That game? I was definitely there. They really gave their all 110%, down-to-the-wire commitment us sports fan love. This is why we watch. This is why we create”. Many players were the best and scored many goals, too many for this journalist to keep up with. At one point it looked like they might just tear down the goalposts and feed them to the opposing team.

it was that. bad. that. bad.

Said Bennington’s soccer coach, Don Cheadle, “We showed no mercy out there. I don’t care if the our opponents were technically a ‘school for the blind’. We executed our game plan and showed that fiery tenacity that makes watching sports so great for the whole family.” The Benningtons play Marlboro next week in X-treme Ultimate Frisbee. I know that this reporter will be there, because I do it for the love of the game.