21 Questions: An Interview with Ivan Ooze

by Joel Fagerberg '14

(Ivan Ooze in their interstellar jam van. Photo cred Ally Reith ‘13)

(Ivan Ooze in their interstellar jam van. Photo cred Ally Reith ‘13)

I recently I sat down with Bennington’s very own pair of extraterrestrial soundsmen, Ivan Ooze. The two of them were nice enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to chat about their writing process, Nickelback, life on Earth, and other really important stuff. If you are into Leslie speaker madness, upping the punx, Modest Mouse, smoking the weed, and GOOD MUSIC then check out Ivan Ooze next time they play on campus and keep an eye out for their upcoming release “Mercury in Retrograde.” Check out the full interview below.

Joel Fagerberg: Where are you from?
Ivan and Ooze: The Heavens

JF: What is it like there?
Ivan: It’s sunny. Everybody wears white. 
Ooze: It’s warm. It’s socially acceptable to wear sunglasses. 

JF: How do you like Earth?
Ivan: Pretty cool, nice and green and blue.
Ooze: Yea, it’s pretty cool. 

JF: What are your influences?
Ooze: The Bennington Monument is our biggest influence.

JF: What aren’t your influences?
Ivan: Definitely not anything that is not brutal. 
Ooze: What aren’t our influences!

JF: Boxers or Briefs?
Ivan: Boxers
Ooze: A gentleman never tells.

JF: What are your spirit animals?
Ivan: I’m not really familiar with earth animals.
Ooze: Earth animals don’t interest us.

JF: How long have you had your hair?
Ivan: We grew it out when we got here. 
Ooze: We wanted to fit in.

JF: Favorite bathroom on campus?
Ivan: Dickinson
Ooze: Booth

JF: Where is your favorite place to play on campus?
Ivan: The Lens.
Ooze: Ya the Lens. It’s super cosmic. 

JF:  How does jamming/writing work for you guys?
Ivan: We just sit down and do it. 
Ooze: We go on free jazz odysseys through the cosmos. And what we find, ya know. 

JF: Where did you get that white flying V, Ooze?
Ooze: I pulled it out of a rock. It chose me.
Ivan: Actually my dad gave it to me on my 12th birthday.

JF: Favorite Nickelback song?
Ivan: “Look at this photograph.”
Ooze: “Every time I do it makes me laugh.”

JF:  If you could play a show with one band/artist, who would it be?
Ivan: Parliament Funkadelic. We would vibe really hard.
Ooze: GWAR. They would eat us for their set.

JF: What is Ivan Ooze’s drink of choice?
Ivan: Fuckin’ Miller High Life 40 oz.
Ooze: With a splash of orange juice. 

JF: When did you start playing music together?
Ivan: About 8 weeks ago.
Ooze: But that’s like, earth time. 

JF:  What have been some of your favorite live music experiences?
Ivan: Sleep was so good. Toe was really good. The Tuvan throat singers blew me away.
Ooze: That’s hot. 

JF: What are your songs about/are they about anything?
Ivan: Fuckin up in Vermont
Ooze: Chicks

JF:  Why do you make music?
Ooze: Chicks
Ivan: Hens

JF: What are your future plans?
Ivan: To be the very best.
Ooze: Like no one ever was.
Ivan: And we have a record coming out.
Ooze: It’s called “Mercury in Retrograde.” It’s about how’s everyone’s shits [sic] is gettin broken at Bennington.

JF: Anything you want to say to all those out there in the Bennington community?
Ooze: Shout out to Franklin, keepin’ it quiet. Shout out to Kilpat for being the new Stokes.
Ivan: Shout out to Swan where everyone likes folk music. 
Ooze: Shout out to Swan for being Pink, bright, and dark. Shout out to Dewey keepin’ it real weird and funky ~~~. Shout out to Commons for being pretty regular. Shout out to the town house. Keep on bein’ over there. Shout out to Longmeadow for keepin’ the townhouse company. Shout out to all of 3rd street (super modern).
Ivan: Honorable mention: PB. 
Ooze: Shout out to no one. 
Ivan: Shout out to Ryan Albert’s undying charisma.
Ooze: He’s unbreakable.
Ivan: He’s amazing. 


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