Upcoming Changes to the Bennington Free Press

By Emma del Valle ‘13

Beginning next term, the Bennington Free Press will be undergoing a number of important changes.  Currently, we are seeking applicants for several staff editor positions which will be vacant in the Spring.  We will also be reconfiguring our staff model, and adding entirely new paid editorial positions.  We are now looking for people interested in managing Campus News, Local News, Arts, and Student Life.  This new structure is being implemented in preparation for the Bennington Free Press’s complete transition from a print paper to an online paper, which is slated to take place in the Fall of 2014.  Discontinuing the production of a print paper will allow the BFP to, among many other things, conserve resources, expand content to include digital media.  Our budget is currently under review, but hopefully, this transition will allow us to reallocate printing funds to the compensation of the hardworking staff and writers that make the survival of this paper possible.  Many of our regular writers will be graduating in May, as well, and we encourage anyone who is interested in contributing content to the BFP to be in contact with us.  If you would like to become involved with the BFP in any of the above mentioned capacities, or if you have comments, suggestions, or questions about this transition, e-mail us at bfpeditors@gmail.com or talk to us in person at our next writer’s meeting (the date and location of which will be posted on our Facebook page).  The next few years are going to be a pivotal time in the history of Bennington College, and it will be more important than ever for students to keep themselves informed.  We encourage you to become part of the ongoing effort to make this paper a powerful vehicle for the voice of the student body of this college.                  

Malia Guyer-Stevens