A New Way to Exhibit: Spring Series at Bennington

by Jessica Lucia Pacitto '15

This Thursday evening from 7:00– 9:00 pm will mark the beginning of the Spring

Series at Bennington. Run by a committee of four Bennington visual arts students

(Christina Cary, Jenny Sonenberg, Ellen Hanson, and Whitney Davis) the series 

will feature three shows and consecutive debrief conversations during the next 

few weeks. Following a call for submissions, the committee has been flooded 

with submissions of student work across visual arts disciplines. While the first 

show will occur tomorrow, submissions will still be accepted for the following

two shows (any questions or information about submissions can be sent to 

springseries@bennington.edu). The idea behind the series is to create three shows, 

which are organized in a way that is both cohesive and thematic, and that still 

spotlight a range of student work across the visual arts community and Bennington 

as a whole. The committee has been working with visual arts faculty members, such 

as Andy Spence and Carol Stakenas as well as conducting studio visits for the past 

few weeks. Christina Cary stressed that the committee is completely open to all 

visual arts submissions, and that they will not be judged critically but thematically. 

The goal of the organization is not to criticize student work, but rather to include 

an array of work that moves across disciplines linked thematically. Pieces for the 

following exhibits are chosen based on how well they work with the centralizing 

aspect of each show. Following the opening, a debrief with both the artists and 

the organizers will take place in the galleria the coming Monday. The debrief 

conversations are central to the committee goal to foster a dialogue between artists 

at Bennington, and a debrief will follow each of the three shows. Cary explains that 

pending success she sincerely hopes that the series will continue and become an 

important student organization that fosters and supports Bennington’s artists.