Bathroom Review: CAPA (Faculty Lounge Solo)

Quality bathroom. Designed by the faculty themselves. This bathroom review is in honor of St Patrick’s Day because green. This bathroom is for FACULTY ONLY. It was very difficult to get the necessary permits to enter the faculty lounge, but once I knocked it became apparent that no one ever uses the faculty lounge for anything but coffee anyways so who cares? Green. Sink and extra reflective mirror provided by Duravit: Your #1 Source for Water! I included a look under the hood in for any of you plumbing junkies out there. 250 Toilet Seat Covers included but only one toilet! Please explain?? I noticed that one of the four elusive walls of this rarely found bathroom was completely empty (besides the green) so I have thought of some uses for this wall:
1) Install jukebox? Music is very import!
2) Racquetball? As of now we have no racquetball court on campus, and since all you need to play racquetball is a room, why not this one?
3) More green? Since we already have so much green, why not add some more? Maybe a life sized cutout of Shrek? Maybe just plant some grass? Anything to go green.
4) Demolish? If this wall were demolished it would lead into the rest of CAPA, making the entire building a bathroom. Very useful. Maybe then we can fit the 3 people that the sign is trying to depict into this bathroom. Until then, who knows whether we can accomplish triple use.

Safety: 6 out of 10
Comfort: 8 out of 10
Design: O out of 10
Comfort: 6 out of 10

Don’t pretend!

-Alex BG