Format in Flux

by Daniel George '14

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 22.11.19.png

Previously, the Bennington Free Press announced that print media was dead and that we would be living completely online in anticipation of the looming technological singularity. We scrapped that plan and decided that we would print the material that we posted online to accommodate both skeptics and enthusiasts of digital media. Because of significant staff turnover, we've rethought that position as well.

The newest iteration of the BFP will take the following form: regular postings on our website throughout the week. These posts will keep on top of stories, offer unique perspectives on recent events, and experiment without the worry of overhead printing costs. Once a term, we will produce a full color print-magazine.

Our Editor in Chief, Brady Williams ‘16, envisions the magazine as a place that can foster more in-depth, long form stories accompanied by full color artwork and photographs in a form that is a more lasting artifact to the work within. The hope is that, when we send our issue off to print, the product that comes back will be worth keeping on a shelf for a long time to come, rather than discarded in the nearest recycling bin.

This new format will present its own challenges as we start anew and reorient our stories to be more vibrant and immersive -- quite frankly, we could use your help. As we try to shape this format in flux, we will need editors, writers, graphic designers, and photographers. Get involved with the Bennington Free Press. It should be fairly obvious to any reader of any two consecutive issues of the BFP over the last year that we are not tied to any particular format -- your perspective on print and digital media can make a real impact on the shape of the Free Press. 

I can only hope that we will have to make this sort of announcement every term for the rest of the lifetime of the Bennington Free Press -- it’ll be the sure sign that we are not resigned to bemoan the death of print media, the sign that we are aware of (at least some of) our shortcomings, and, most of all, a sign that we are trying to adapt to the constantly changing media landscape.

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