Your Guide to Moonfest/Sunfest 2016

By Eloise Schieferdecker and Drew Lucia

Don't know any of the musicians playing at Moonfest or Sunfest? Not to worry! The BFP has got your back. This year a fantastic lineup has been assembled thanks to the hard work of PAC members: Jackson Kovalchik, Drew Lucia, and Matt Scott. Here is a list of all the visiting artists and some song recommendations. Enjoy!


~~~~      MOONFEST      ~~~~

C a e t h u a :

Caethua is Clare McNamara. She is a multi-instrumentalist writing ghostly, rain soaked tunes on her small goat farm in rural Maine. She sings us “dark strange cowboy songs” that seem out of another world. Take a listen to the title track of her 2014 album "Red Moon" put out by Bathetic Records. Also take a look at her bandcamp, to listen to some recent collaborations.

B a d    H i s t o r y   M o n t h    (  F A T   H I S T O R Y   M O N T H  )   :

Bad History Month of Boston have been producing multiple works for over 6 years now. The about me of Bad History Month's blog reads - "Two ex-bodybuilders from Hollywood moved to Boston to strike it rich in the music biz. Failure songs ensued. Life is hard but the glutes on these galoots are even harder. Ready to rumble and never to be humbled, these old men will teach you the true meaning of Fucking Despair."  This self-deprecating pair constantly play on their name (calling two different albums "Sad History Month" and "Bad History Month", and themselves, Sean History Month and Mark History Month, and their band, Bad History Month, Fat History Month, and Bald History Month). Local fan, Izzy Casey, recommends  listening to "Everyday is Christmas" off of the 2013 album "Bad History Month." Find more of their music here and take a look at their 2014 split tape "Famous Cigarettes" with Dust From 1,000 Years.

D u s t    F r o m    1 , 0 0 0   Y e a r s :

Dust from 1,000 Years is a 3-piece out of Boston that makes the kind of music you hear in your head falling asleep in front of the TV after a long night. The band's name is apt if anything, their music floating over you like dust motes on their way out to space. We recommend listening to "Party Song" off of their 2014 split tape "Famous Cigarettes" with Bad History Month. Find more of their music here.

T a i n a    A s i l i :

Taina Asili is a singer/songwriter from Puerto Rico whose songs of justice and rebellion take on Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock sounds. She is a solo artist, though she often performs with a six-piece band, La Banda Rebelde. Her first album, "War Cry," was released in 2010, and her second in 2014 called "Fruit of Hope". Her energetic songs speak of social issues and are meant to inspire her listeners to question social and institutional structures in place. She strongly believes that music is a vital tool in changing hearts and minds and affecting a larger political landscape. Her popular song "Freedom" featuring  Michael Reyes off of the album, "Fruit of Hope," addresses issues of race and mass incarceration. Have a listen! 


~~~~      SUNFEST      ~~~~

G i r l p o o l :

Much of the excitement for this year’s Sunfest is around the headliner, Girlpool, a duo from LA that has a large fanbase at Bennington. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad are the only members of the band; Cleo plays guitar and Harmony plays bass, with no drummer. Their sound has been described as rebellious, raw, and vulnerable and is often categorized as indie-pop and folk-punk. You can listen to both their albums, "Girlpool" (2014) and "Before the World Was Big" (2015), here. If you are new to the group, we recommend listening to "Cherry Picking" off of their 2015 album. 

If you know the group's music well, check out this song, called "Soup", which hasn't been featured on an album, yet.

J a g u a r   P y r a m i d s :

Jaguar Pyramids is a trio from Brooklyn made up of Czarquan, E-Man, and Yung Gutted. They rap over slow, dark beats to create “the nocturnal, siren-punctuated atmosphere of New York’s rap underground.” (Noisey) You can find their music here. We recommend listening to "Fill Em In," which features Wiki from RatKing, who we should all remember from last Sunfest.

Y a i r m s :

Yairms is an “experimental-rock-art-garage-something-punk-psychotropic-kind-of-music” four piece from Brooklyn via the South Western desert. Their debut album, Part One, is produced by Scott Solter, who’s produced St. Vincent, the Mountain Goats, and Spoon, among others! You can check out their album "Part One" on their bandcamp here. We recommend listening to "Citizen Vain."

D J   L u c a s :

DJ Lucas, "The Young Mr. Clean," is a rapper and producer out of Amherst, Massachusetts. He is part of the Western Mass rap collective called Dark World, and has been known to collaborate with many artists including members of Jaguar Pyramids. You can find those tracks on Jaguar Pyramid's Soundcloud. Here is "Creme de la Creme" featuring Lucy from the 2015 album "Luck be a Lady." More of his music can be found here.

B e l l a :

Bella Ortiz-Wren is making dreamy bedroom-rock not too far away in Brattleboro, VT, and is currently a student at Marlboro College. You may remember them from a past Townhouse concert perhaps... Check out their swoon worthy crooning! Take a listen to the sixth track called "Mouth, Teeth" off of the album "The Mud You Need" released in February. You can find more albums on their Bandcamp.