Ruth, Emily, and Webb: Illuminating Melodies

Poster by Tayler Jones '16

Poster by Tayler Jones '16

Bailey Kushinsky '19

Did you miss the first PAC show in DownCaf show of the term? Here’s a quick review featuring a few live clips from the show so you can check out what you missed out on if you werent there or if you were there you can relive it again and again.

The show kicked off with a set from Bennington Colleges very own Webb Crawford. If you are a student here at Bennington College and you havent seen Webb play, what is your deal?? Fix that, seriously. Truly one of the greats in my humble opinion.

Her song featured below follows its protagonist as she begins to question the permanence and stability of things she has taken for granted in her life. In times of chaos we seek solace in quiet moments and bittersweet memories, we beg time to slow down so we can pause for a moment and catch our breath.  Crawford sings And Ill die slowly on a taxi ride from Bowling Green/I hope that youll be half asleep/ And ask myself why time is running faster every day.

Next on the lineup was Brooklyn based songwriter Emily Yacina, sporting one of my favorite shoe/sock combos of the night. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia she began playing and attending shows from a young age, befriending and collaborating with local acts such as Abi Reimold and Alex G. Her 2015 EP Soft Stuff is full of emotionally-loaded gentle bangers a.k.a. good music to cry to but also to smile to if you want. In a recent interview with Rookie she explains the title of this EP, saying that the words soft stuff’ were inspired by the feeling that you have with someone, before you admit its there. Its like that electric feeling that you can have with someone else.” To me this perfectly embodies the ethos of her music, capturing these indescribable feelings in the spaces between her words.

Here is her song Pulled In” from her 2011 release Flood:

She just posted some new songs on bandcamp on Monday (9/26) so if you like this theres more where that came from!


Ruth Garbus from Brattleboro closes the show. Garbus’ music draws the audience into her world of clever turns of phrase, weaving pop-infused melodies with her poetic and occasionally enigmatic lyricism. Her live performance is haunting,This is really nice thinking about things” music, good for if you want to gaze out a window and get thoughtful but also laugh sometimes. In the song Certain Kind” Garbus tells the story of a girl distraught upon seeing injustices everywhere she goes . She sees images like Crystal bridges over poverty slums” and watches the sunset TV, and after this constant disappointment caused by lifes broken promises challenges the world to blow her mind.

In October shes going to be playing a show in at the Park Street Church Co-op in Brooklyn with some classic OSR Tapes label mates, Chris Weissman, and Blanche Blanche Blanche (!!!), so if youre into this stuff and have a way of getting there I highly recommend that you check it out, also let me know if you want to carpool.


Overall, a night full of good times and sweet tunes! Great job PAC!

Malia Guyer-Stevens