Pocket Terms for Future Generations at Bennington

By Blair Blumberg and Sydney Bradley '18

Artwork by Jorja Rose

Artwork by Jorja Rose

An academic coach has asked you to define social justice. Perhaps, your advisor is considering letting you go. Alternatively, you’re all out of cigarettes, but you haven’t won your argument yet. Idling. Innovating. The world is your project, but what should your mouth say?

Some vocab for the float-along:

●      Friscate: (v.) to intellectually assault an inferior.

●      Friscot: (n.) a rebuttal to a friscation.

●      Magnition (n.) or Magnate (v.) : to manifest with psycho-intellectual prowess.

●      Soyn (n.): a sign from physio-natural phenomena.

●      Chromand (n.): the essence of a non-existent color.

●      Squiln (n.) : an intellectual debate which ends in both parties arguing what is in fact their shared opinion.

●      Verlutinous (adj.) or Verludity (n.): conceptual fat.

●      Pamposm (n.) that which is plainly impossible!

●      Eaux-de-Visión (n.): what must be settled upon in the absence of a solution

●      Teritive (adj.): Truth which never depends upon its context