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Inside Jordan's Refugee Camp: What Does It Take To Empower Refugees?

Nam Phuong Thi Doan '18

Sitashma Parajuli is rethinking a system that connects different needs across populations, without excluding her own. Can the refugee crisis be tackled in a more creative way with both economic and civic empowerment initiatives, which will not only benefit refugees, but also lay out new possibilities for a more just and sustainable political-economic system of the host country?

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Diary of an International Student

By Soumya Rachel Shailendra '21

Understanding the enormity of the littleness that marks North America through an Indian student’s lens

It has exactly been 30 days, 4 weeks and 720 hours since I boarded a flight on the Indian soil to call this country my home. My journey is not an unfamiliar one to most Indians.  It is often undertaken by aspiring engineers, new brides and trapped artists. To my extended family, I was going to ‘the land of the free,’ a country which minted dreams in the spaghetti-like structures that touched the sky.

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A Small Bug and Blue Bed Covers

By Jailynne Estevez '21

With the start of a new term and school year, Bennington College welcomes its largest and most diverse class yet onto campus. This Fall term the College is welcoming 220 new students from 31 states and 26 different countries. Of those students 26% have international or dual citizenship, 21% are domestic students of color, and 20% are the first student in their family to attend college. These statistics bring us to consider and reflect on ourselves.

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The Bennington Triangle and Glastenbury Mountain: Venture into the Unknown

One of the first things you learn when you come to Bennington is that there is something deeply wrong with this part of the world. Orientation forces you into a room with a dozen other sweaty, impressionable freshmen where you are subjected to five or ten made-up ghost stories about the baby that lives at the end of the world and has the ability to run at inhumanly fast speeds, or the various suicides in seemingly almost every house on campus. Most of these are obviously untrue, many in an offensively transparent way. The one exception to this rule is the story of Paula Welden...

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On methods of grieving, processing, being

Among family members, my nickname is either “Angela Davis” or “Debate Team”. Both of these names refer to my ability to turn any dinner table into a platform for voicing my rage at the world’s response to my Black existence. Once I get started, I am unmitigated and unrelenting. I have always felt like a radical activist, as I inhabit most spaces in this way...

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Enough bitching: Bennington Initiative to Counter Harm (BITCH) makes its inaugural appearance during event last Thursday

This past Thursday night, the Bennington Initiative To Counter Harm (BITCH) hosted their inaugural town hall style event in the student center. The event was intended to solicit community-wide participation and conversation regarding what is arguably the most pressing issue not only at Bennington but on every American college campus...

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