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Talking Race: Space and Body

I constantly think about how I move through space, how I claim space, how being mixed race means not knowing how my body will be identified. I think about how the first thing that I do when I walk into a classroom is count how many people of color are in the room. I think about whether or not they will identify me as a person of color; I think about how...

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Brainwashed or Blind?

Recently, I decided to peruse The New York Times for an interesting article. I don’t often go on The New York Times app on my phone, but when I do, I mean business. I am looking to enrich my life with news of the outside world, information that doesn't solely pertain to this small and very concentrated bubble that I live in. I always want to want to...

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Mind on Mothers

Today I am thinking of when I learned about my mother’s mother. I remember sitting across the room and watching my mother’s fingers on fabric– opening big curtains to let in morning rays. She didn’t look at me as she talked. I was eight or nine years old and I saw my mama as...

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