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The World is Before You and You Need Not Take it or Leave it as it Was When You Came In

By Kam Carter

The first time I encountered James Baldwin was most likely in a list. The list came from the mouth of my mother, who would talk to me about Black thinkers as a preteen. His name was probably preceded or followed by those of Malcolm X or Gwendolyn Brooks or Angela Davis. When my mother realized that I was prone to writing, she exposed me to these minds. These were people one should know; this was my brain trust...



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On methods of grieving, processing, being

Among family members, my nickname is either “Angela Davis” or “Debate Team”. Both of these names refer to my ability to turn any dinner table into a platform for voicing my rage at the world’s response to my Black existence. Once I get started, I am unmitigated and unrelenting. I have always felt like a radical activist, as I inhabit most spaces in this way...

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