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Poetry @ Bennington: Rae Armantrout and Monica Youn

Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Tishman, 6:57 PM -- Only minutes before the start of the night’s poetry readings. It is nearly silent. Students and faculty alike find friends in the still sparse crowd -- checking in with them, asking if they are okay, even giving hugs. All around there is a solemn climate, like what follows a national disaster -- which, in a sense, had just occurred...

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Poetry @ Bennington: Nick Flynn

This week’s installment of Poetry @ Bennington featured poet and memoirist Nick Flynn. The reader had a great turnout––almost every seat in Tishman was filled. One startling detail for viewers––or for me, at least––was the image Flynn had chosen to project above the stage for the duration of the reading: that of an abandoned laundromat from an art piece by Lori Nix,  looking almost post-apocalyptic with detergent boxes strewn on the floor and machine doors left hastily open...

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