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Guilty as Charged!: I Think Tomi Lahren is Kinda Pretty and Also Her Ideas Aren’t That Bad

By Wesley Haaf

Dear Tomi, I feel… I feel, that something is wrong. This is a strange year; it’s a difficult time; 2016 was absolutely dreadful; and it seems you’re a bit stuck in a bit of a no-man’s land—the left is keeping you at the same arm’s distance we’ve kept you at since you started talking, so loudly on your show, with that voice, that sound, sounds shaping into these replay-able samples, literally a meme, like a cartoon character, Angelica, from Rugrats, tone so fiery and red-hot, mean-spirited; meanwhile the righters are shoving you away; they cancelled your show and banned you from the network. Because they wanted you on a leash but you spoke your mind...

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