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Point Reyes: To See a Piece of Land

I have been hiking Point Reyes since before I was conscious. My family goes on walks there. My friends live and work in Point Reyes Station where I visit them. It is the place where I first swam in open ocean, where I first went backpacking, where I first began to wonder how landscapes were made, where I first saw kinglets and yellow warblers, where I first began to bird. Point Reyes is the birthplace of my affinity for things that are not human...

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Talking Race: Space and Body

I constantly think about how I move through space, how I claim space, how being mixed race means not knowing how my body will be identified. I think about how the first thing that I do when I walk into a classroom is count how many people of color are in the room. I think about whether or not they will identify me as a person of color; I think about how...

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