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Is This What It’s Like? (Junior Reviews & Disciplines)

My friends had their Junior Reviews last week. “If you don’t know what a junior review is, you either don’t study VA or you don’t know anything,” a senior once told me. “You put up all your work you did Freshman and Sophomore year and a bunch of faculty critique you and tell you what you’re doing that’s stupid and what works and where you should go from there.”

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Who keeps putting handfuls of grass in my mailbox?

To the person who keeps putting handfuls of grass in my mailbox:

My mailbox is a saving, amazing grace. It’s branded in my routine. I eat a meal, and then I check it. Bip-bop/Snip-snap. And sometimes I get mail from Grammy and last year even Mommy or Pep. And usually I can count on these cute little miniature posters that I know everyone gets in their box, but...

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