1D: Where the Hell Are They Now? An Official Ranking

By Mari Schiff '21

So, it’s been a pretty entertaining pop culture summer. Some great films came out. I picked a bunch of books off the New York Times Book Review that I have no time to read. Lorde’s Melodrama made me hyperventilate.

But Mari, you’re no doubt mumbling from your Tiger Beat poster-encrusted shrine, what about a comparison of the members of One Direction from the point of view of a vaguely cynical but still game fangirl instead of the media elite who clearly know nothing?

I’ve got your back, kid.

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Poetry @ Bennington: Rae Armantrout and Monica Youn

Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Tishman, 6:57 PM -- Only minutes before the start of the night’s poetry readings. It is nearly silent. Students and faculty alike find friends in the still sparse crowd -- checking in with them, asking if they are okay, even giving hugs. All around there is a solemn climate, like what follows a national disaster -- which, in a sense, had just occurred...

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