Dear Fiona,

By Nam Phuong Doan '18

The water is boiling amidst the voices from the radio. Fi and I are pickling fresh beans from the farm. It was an abrupt decision to join her, an anchor idea, something I grabbed on to at once while processing Charlottesville and the thunderstorm coming to the southeastern suburbs...

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The Start-Up of the Self

By Lizzy Weal

The first time I saw the Bennington website following its overhaul this past summer, I was convinced that I had somehow managed to accidentally type in the address of the website of a Palo Alto-based startup drone company whose graphic design team had recently found themselves in possession of a GoPro and gone completely rogue...

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The World is Before You and You Need Not Take it or Leave it as it Was When You Came In

The first time I encountered James Baldwin was most likely in a list. The list came from the mouth of my mother, who would talk to me about Black thinkers as a preteen. His name was probably preceded or followed by those of Malcolm X or Gwendolyn Brooks or Angela Davis. When my mother realized that I was prone to writing, she exposed me to these minds. These were people one should know; this was my brain trust...


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Malia Guyer-Stevens