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Spring Series Opening Reception

April 30th - May 7th
Opening Reception on April 30th, 7-9pm in the VAPA Galleria.

An artistic process necessitates some form of obsession: a compulsion or a practice that propels constant movement, and a resulting accumulation. Obsession is defined as “an idea or thought that preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.” This definition manifests in the work presented in “Again and Again and Again and”. The unended phrase suggests that a practice never really ends. Repetition often finishes merely by necessity; a practical end rather than a will to stop. 

In our culture, collections are considered complementary to waste. Repetition is taboo, a sign of insanity. Obsession is feared. We find these concepts vital to an artistic practice, to art as a self archiving project. Whether it’s utilizing visual motifs, compulsively organizing images, or imagining the evolution of a form, these artists embrace stigmatized conceptions of repetition, collection, and obsession. The work runs in circles, round and round, over and over again. The future is created not only by spontaneous events, but largely by infinite repetition; mountains rise by tiny incremental changes over thousands of years. 

Presenting work by:
Rebecca Warzer
Marina Allen
Parry Heavlin
Isabella Adler
Jenna Brewer
Mary Alice Stewart
Kirsten Vega
Fann Xu
Anna Reggio
Max Epstein
Jonas Lafortezza
Rosie Nalle
Mackenzie Katz
Tayler Jones
Matt Mahoney
Hannah Alongi
Annabel Willis
Madison Alexander
Martin Feld

A show curated by:
Doug Campos
Eloise Schieferdecker
Jenna Brewer
Drew Lucia
Julia Greenburger
Phoebe Grace

There will be cheese and wine... free cheese but you gotta pay for the wine!!!