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Concert in the Rye

Join the BSFP for an afternoon of sun, snacks and seranades at the Purple Carrot Farm! Concert in the Rye is a party! Enjoy the warm weather, the delicious food, and the posi vibes. Come on down and show your love for mother earth and all the groovey people.

We love the farm, we love hanging out at the farm, we love food, we love music! We love YOU! We love YOU loving the farm! We love YOU loving the music! We love YOU loving US!

We love YOUR FRIENDS too! INVITE your FRIENDS! All are welcome :) The Purple Carrot Farm is located in the field beyond the Ohio parking lot.

Here is the rolling lineup:
Molly Kirschner
Lulwama Mulalu
Rsl Thistle and the Bonny Fuckers
Griffin Manos + Banjos
Fiona + Reed
Samuel Dietrich
Joaquin + Gabo
Aks Bandari
Foster Powell + Aubrey Lavender-Cook
Dana foote
Will Larsen
Gabo + Joana