A New Bennington Student Union Gets Its Start

By Biborka Beres '21

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A student government is an essential part of colleges and other educational institutions. Its purpose is to represent the student body in the decisions made by the administration, which directly affect not only our education, but our daily life on campus. The decision-making process of the administration is far from transparent, and does not take into consideration any input from the student body. Decisions about housing, field work term, health care and academic life are made exclusively by the Board of Trustees, where no student is present. The role of House Chairs, while previously an elected position of student representation, is reduced to logistical tasks without any political significance. SEPC reps work with individual professors and specific departments, and do not have any say concerning the broader academic issues at hand. We need a student-run platform for representation and political action.


Wednesdays at 9pm, Cricket Hill Barn

The student body is a powder keg of underutilized political energy. The assumed inherent apathy has penetrated even the most potent attempts at political change. We are in a dire need of a platform to direct the existing individual discontents on campus towards re-establishing an effective balance of power.

Campus life has degraded over time due to the consolidation of power by the administrative body. There are no means for students to change their surroundings, as the administration has structured the functions of the college as such.

Establishing the Student Union this spring is the necessary first step to counter such structures. This initial stage of engagement gathers the existing myriad of individual qualms.

The Student Union will be an open, representative space created by and for the student body, with the aim of establishing student representation in administrative decision-making.