Thinking and Discussing PFOA

“How much nicotine would you want in your baby’s bottle?” This question, posed to an audience in CAPA on Thursday night, is Albany Times Union lead investigative reporter Brendan Lyons’ guiding principle for thinking about water contaminants such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). 

Just hours before Lyons’ visit, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) had...

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Campus Butt-Free (For a Day)

On Thursday, April 21 a group of students organized by the Bennington Environmental Action Group (BEAG) walked the college grounds picking up cigarette butts. The students collected hundreds of cigarette butts in under half an hour.

Groundskeeper Melissa Leland has noticed an increase in the number...

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Thrift Store Opens on Campus

On April 2, the Bennington campus thrift store, Thrift & Public Apparel (TAPA), opened to the college community. While everyone loves a good deal on good clothes there is a lot more to the project to be excited about than just budget-friendly fashion.

As Erika Lygren of the Bennington Environmental Action Group (BEAG) explained...

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