Clean Your Dishes!

By DaEun Jung '21

Opening article for new column #PSA.

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If you thought “Clean your dishes!” is only a mom phrase, then you guessed wrong. You’re going to hear it over and over again as long as you live in one of the Bennington dorms, no matter how frequently you use the kitchen. At Bennington it really doesn’t fall into the category of doing chores, but falls into the category of being responsible as a community member. It’s just so easy to push that responsibility to another person. Thus the food waste clogging up the sink and the oily dishes and utensils that pile up. Yet there is that nice person who comes along, sighs, and cleans up the mess. Reaching into the slimy muck and thrusting it out into the trash can, scrubbing plates and pots that have oil and food waste glued solid to them, the person finishes off by cleaning their hands with dish soap and silently leaves the kitchen. And you’re probably thinking, “Phew! Glad that wasn’t me!” or if you’re sympathetic enough, you’ll probably feel sorry for that person. In case you didn’t understand anything at all after so many obvious hints, this is what you should “take home” with you: why don’t we all try to take more responsibility as “grown-ups” and clean our own dishes? Better responsibility, better community living, and yes, a cleaner kitchen for sure.


Malia Guyer-Stevens