Beans, beans, beans

By Doménica Michelle Montaño '21

Around a week ago, my friend Sebas and I were missing our tasty Ecuadorian food and thought it would be nice to make empanadas and celebrate Día de Los Muertos. So, we went grocery shopping at Hannaford and got ground beef, cheese, tomato sauce, garlic, and spices; but we were missing the most important ingredient on our list: frozen empanada dough––because of course Sebas was not in the mood for making the empanadas from scratch. We looked in every single freezer, but we could not find empanada dough, so I thought perhaps we could find something similar in the Hispanic food aisle.

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Sex and the State

By Jorja Rose '18

Nothing makes me nostalgic for the softer neoliberalism of the late 90’s/early 00’s like Sex and the State, the iconic six-season saga that follows four Marxist babes as they seek love in a violently capitalist world.  The show taught me everything I know about female friendship, good peen, and seizing the means of production...

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Malia Guyer-Stevens
Guilty as Charged!: I Think Tomi Lahren is Kinda Pretty and Also Her Ideas Aren’t That Bad

By Wesley Haaf

Dear Tomi, I feel… I feel, that something is wrong. This is a strange year; it’s a difficult time; 2016 was absolutely dreadful; and it seems you’re a bit stuck in a bit of a no-man’s land—the left is keeping you at the same arm’s distance we’ve kept you at since you started talking, so loudly on your show, with that voice, that sound, sounds shaping into these replay-able samples, literally a meme, like a cartoon character, Angelica, from Rugrats, tone so fiery and red-hot, mean-spirited; meanwhile the righters are shoving you away; they cancelled your show and banned you from the network. Because they wanted you on a leash but you spoke your mind...

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Is This What It’s Like? (Junior Reviews & Disciplines)

My friends had their Junior Reviews last week. “If you don’t know what a junior review is, you either don’t study VA or you don’t know anything,” a senior once told me. “You put up all your work you did Freshman and Sophomore year and a bunch of faculty critique you and tell you what you’re doing that’s stupid and what works and where you should go from there.”

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Who keeps putting handfuls of grass in my mailbox?

To the person who keeps putting handfuls of grass in my mailbox:

My mailbox is a saving, amazing grace. It’s branded in my routine. I eat a meal, and then I check it. Bip-bop/Snip-snap. And sometimes I get mail from Grammy and last year even Mommy or Pep. And usually I can count on these cute little miniature posters that I know everyone gets in their box, but...

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