Horoscopes Week of October 10th, 2016

Wesley Haaf '18

Aries: Are you seeing double? Déjà vu? Unsure about things? Drink more water (breathing exercises). But don’t forget… Everyone and anyone could be just as scared!

Taurus: Beware the forest. But in its darkness, a treasure shall you seek. Swipe it and run—do not look back to the forest. Go somewhere safe, somewhere loving, and share it with a friend.

Gemini: Double down on ambition. You can help people if you think about, and they might help you—you never know! (Go to the End of the World more.)

Cancer: Cherish and protect your valuables. You’ll be safe. It’s ok. But keep in mind, friends can wear masks… And people too!

Leo: Pay attention to which side of the bed you wake up on. Be kind to yourself. And you might, just maybe, meet that special someone. Or, you won’t.

Virgo: When you go to sleep, blink your eyes in a rhythm, doesn’t matter what rhythm, just any little ditty you have going on, and your dreams will be of epic, mystical journeys in ancient Greece.

Libra: Try some new foods this week, or water bottles, and you’ll find yourself in some new situations, with some new friendly faces.

Scorpio: Things are, as you’ll begin to see, relatively calm. Smell the trees and worship autumn.

Sagittarius: Stay away from the edges of campus. Surround yourself with bodies, not nature. People are lonely when it gets colder, and the wind will only grow more bitter.

Capricorn: At a certain point, dreams may define more of your reality than the “real life.” Try not to think about it and indulge. You’ll find treats, and happiness, and gum drop candies!

Aquarius: Hey, step up or get off. Ok, sure, you’ve trained and you may be experienced, but it’s time for action… It’s gonna be a tough road, but you’ll feel something, right there, in the heart.

Pisces: Scream when you need to, but release only where acceptable. Get to a sealed room. Lock the doors. Shut the shade; burrow yourself in sheets and blankets if you need to. But when the storm’s over, write everything down, and the sunset will be extra pretty. A friend will surprise you with a special gift!