Slang Glossary - Let's Revamp Bennington Slang

Image by Iris Salin '20

Image by Iris Salin '20

Iris Salin '20

Hey you, tryna spruce up your mundane slang and/or vocabulary?

Here are some suggestions to help you add some spice to those conversations.


Instead of saying lit, try spiffing up your vernacular with the term poppin’.

Example: Did you hear about the Ruth Garbus concert? It was poppin’!

Alternative terms for this context: ridiculous, twitchin’, choice, really choice, gravy noodles, neato, peachy keen, prime ribs (tofu), a real kick in the head.


Trouble describing the beauty and grace exhibited by your house chairs? How ‘bout swell?

Also: radiant, dreamy (a Marion West classic), charming, magnanimous, virtuous, or perhaps as Devin “Copper” Beckwith suggests: gucci gucci yah yah!


Want to compliment someone's clothing? Try these on for size:

Wow, your coat is incredibly dapper!

You look sharp!

I admire how you carry yourself, and with such zest!

That is a splendiferous hat!

What a groovy wool sweater!

I commend your taste!

Are you Beyonce? Because you are slaying!


Looking for a comeback? Or perhaps a kindhearted jest?

Thou art a crusty piece of crust!

Thou art the crustiest piece of crust to ever crust this crusty crust!

Fool, thou does not knoweth thy foolery!

You are a phony baloney! 


Want to suggest a change in location?

Let’s boogie on out of this sandwich shop!

I’m bouncing on over to VAPA—if ya care to join.

Let’s exeunt this popsicle stand!

Shall we away? [Pause] Yes we shall!

Malia Guyer-Stevens