Horoscopes - Week of September 26th

Image by Eugenia Loli

Image by Eugenia Loli

Wesley Haaf '18

Aries: It’s more important now than ever—treat campo like your friend. They will be on your side in the war to come, and you best foster trust sooner than later.

Taurus: See a rock that looks cool? …Sure, go get it. But don’t let your collection consume you.

Gemini: You will cross paths with a student dog walker on your way to breakfast. If you ask to touch the pet, you may be offered some time alone with the pup while the walker visits the bathroom. If you do not touch the pet, animals will tremble at the sight of you.

Cancer: Squirrels will come toward you. Do not introduce yourself, but you must speak. Not all woodland critters are soft little angels.

Leo: This is the time you’ve been waiting for. Friends will appreciate you in your entirety, and foes will suddenly be soft and moldable. They will follow your beliefs if you preach!

Virgo: Careful in the dining-hall. The bees are back, and this time, they’re in the yellow room.

Libra: Control yourself! Seriously, not everyone needs your “romance.” Just smile, if anything.

Scorpio: Strangers will be opening up more, kind, but subtle in motion. Reciprocate everything.

Sagittarius: Just because you yell and flick a Frisbee to someone across the lawn does not by any means guarantee they will throw it back, or enjoy said throw. Stick with friends this week.

Capricorn: When the collectors come, don’t you dare lock your door. They’ll be nice and feed you fruits and snackies. If you choose to hermit yourself, they may just find a way in.

Aquarius: Be extra vigilant this week. A storm is coming your way, and luck will shelter you no more. Instead, charm will turn against you, and your material possessions will deteriorate.

Pisces: Carry a bag more often, or if you already have one, keep it nearby at all times. You never know when someone will slip an envelope your way. Could be cash, or a love letter.